Rehabilitation after Hip Arthroscopy and Labral Repair in a High School Football Athlete: A 3.6 Year Follow- Up with Insight into Potential Risk Factors.

Author: Cheatham SW, Kolber MJ

Hip arthroscopy is a common surgical technique for the correction of intra-articular pathology. While surgical success is often determined by anatomical correction, post-operative rehabilitation serves an essential role in restoring pre-morbid activity levels. A paucity of long-term post-operative rehabilitation outcomes exists in the literature lending uncertainty to the long-standing efficacy of interventions and associated risk for future injury.   This case report describes the 3.6 year follow-up for a young adult male subject after unilateral left hip arthroscopy and acetabular labral repair. The re-examination findings and risk factors identified at the follow-up may provide insight into the need for long-term surveillance among post-surgical individuals.

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