Phil Page, PT, PhD, ATC, CSCS, FACSM

Director of Clinical Education & Research

Thera-Band Academy


WebPT is the leading web-based physical therapy EMR system, providing over 5,000 therapists with complete, easy and affordable software to manage clinical and clerical functions. The WebPT system offers a brand new approach to practice management and patient documentation as the application is designed to improve clinic productivity, increase revenue, reduce expenses and enhance a more stress-free clinical environment. The digital documentation system combines an intuitive dashboard user interface with practical physical therapy logic to create a user-friendly documentation solution.

WebPT is so intuitive and easy to use that clinic can be up and running in one day. It doesn't require any servers, downloads or upgrades, so you don’t need to be an IT expert to use our system. Also, WebPT is fully mobile, so you can enter your documentation from home or anywhere you like. You can access the system securely from any device with an internet connection including PCs, laptops, Macs, smartphones  and iPads. With a 99% customer retention rate, they   have a proven track record of reliability, security and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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